Miura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

4900 Oaza Tsurumi
Saiki City, Oita 876-0011 JAPAN
Phone: +81(0)972-22-2033 FAX: +81(0)972-22-0301
URL https://miurazosen.jp

Outline of the company

Campany name :
  •  Miura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
  • Tadahide Miura
  • November 1st 1960
  • Incorporated as a Co., Ltd. – October 30th 1964
 Head Office: 
  • 4900 Tsurumi, Saiki-City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
  • JPY 100,000,000-
  • The Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd. (Oita Branch)
  • The Oita Bank, Ltd. (Saiki Ekimae Branch)
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Oita Branch)
 Number of employees: 
  • 51 in the head office and 368 in our subcontractors
Members of Board: 
  • Masanobu Miura (Chairman)
  • Tadahide Miura (President)
  • Yasunobu Miura (Executive officer)
  • Hayato Miura (Executive officer)
  • Keiji Iwasaki (Executive officer)
  • Yuzuru Sonoda (Executive officer)
  • Yasumasa Futaba (Company auditor)
  • Kyouko Iwasaki (Company auditor)
Business Contents: 
  • Production of the steel ship up to 9,990G/T
  • Repair of the steel ship up to 4,000G/T
  • General construction
Building record:  
  • Year 2012 / 12 vessels / Total 22,234 gross tons
  • Year 2013 / 6 vessels / Total 34,599 gross tons
  • Year 2014 / 13 vessels / Total 17,680 gross tons
  • Year 2015 / 12 vessels / Total 19,940 gross tons
  • Year 2016 / 11 vessels / Total 21,506 gross tons

Main Factory

Capability of building:

Semi-dry dock Slipway No,6 154.0m × 24.0m / 9,990G/T Slipway No,5 108.0m × 16.2m / 4,000G/T

Kaizaki Factory

All blocks are built under the roof.

Yard Length × Breath 125m × 30m

Nooka Factory

Manufacturing the pipes and outfittings.
Some of spaces are serviced as Oita Prefiecture Shipbuilding Technical Center.

Yard Length × Breath 125m × 30m

Yard Length × Breath 125m × 30m

Blasting / Painting Facility

For Performance Standard for Protective Coatings.

With opening the movable roof, the building blocks can be got in/out.

Installation of the Main Engine Unit by 150T crane.

Installation of 95 ton main engine.


Our Floating Dock is avilable for inspection as a part of complete servicing after delivery vessels.

This complete servicing includes the guarantee docking at one year after delivery new vessel, a periodical survey docking and necessary repairs if requested. Our docking facilities have sufficient capacities in accommodating the vessels built by us.

With the above mentioned floating dock , we will be able to comply with our customers needs completely from new building to the repairs in future. Informative data obtained from such repairsII be fed back for newbuildings , enabling us to build more reliable a highly value added vessels. We are ready to comply with ship owners’ requirements whatever the matters could be. and able to meet a modal shift whenever so need.




A solar photovoltaic unit on our dock house.

Number of rooms

1F: 5 single bed rooms with 19.86m2, a galley, a common toilet, a common bath room and a laundry room
2F: 11single bed rooms with 19.86m2, a large tatami room of 39.72m2 and a common toilet.

Presentation of aerial photograph

When the delivery of a vessel.


749 G/T General Cargo Ship

Award of Ship of the year 2011, Domestic cargo vessel category.

Own forestland that makes a contribution of CO2 reduction.

*20,000 trees of 40 year Japanese cedars


Varieties of our products.



Chemical Product Tanker

L x B x D: 105.00 x 17.00 x 9.00

Gross tonnage: 3,997 tons Deadweight: 5,552 tons


Dirty Oil Tanker

L x B x D: 104.62 x 16.00 x 8.10

Gross tonnage: 3,495 tons Deadweight: 4,998 tons


Clean Oil Tanker

L x B x D: 69.98 x 12.00 x 5.20

Gross tonnage: 749 tons Deadweight: 1,881 tons


Clean Oil Tanker

L x B x D: 104.45 x 16.00 x 8.10

Gross tonnage: 3,796 tons Deadweight: 4,999 tons


Chemical Tanker

L x B x D: 129.30 x 20.00 x 11.20

Gross tonnage: 7,745 tons Deadweight: 13,000 tons



Fly ash/ Calcium carbonate carrier L x B x D: 85.00 x 14.50 x 7.50

Gross tonnage: 1,989 tons Deadweight: 2,300 tons


Fly ash/ Calcium carbonate carrier L x B x D: 105.00 x 17.50 x 8.55

Gross tonnage: 4,774 tons Deadweight: 4,500 tons



Coal carrier

L x B x D: 115.00 x 20.00 x 12.00

Gross tonnage: 7,287 tons Deadweight: 6,600 tons



Cement carrier

L x B x D: 142.00 x 23.50 x 12.00

Gross tonnage: 11,036 tons Deadweight: 14,900 tons



Asphalt Carrier

L x B x D: 79.99 x 13.20 x 6.40

Gross tonnage: 1999 tons Deadweight: 2309 tons




L x B x D: 90.00 x 13.40 x 7.10

Gross tonnage: 749 tons Deadweight: 2,000 tons



General Cargo/Container

L x B x D: 96.37 x 13.40 x 7.275

Gross tonnage: 744 tons Deadweight: 1,650 tons



Ferry/ Car Carrier

L x B x D: 85.00 x 14.40 x 4.10

Gross tonnage: 999 tons


ROROL x B x D: 68.38 x 13.00 x 4.00

Gross tonnage: 499 tons Deadweight: 637 tons


ROROL x B x D: 89.80 x 14.00 x 9.45

Gross tonnage: 1,083 tons Deadweight: 1,175 tons